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Bicycling In and Around
Haverford Township

The Friends of Haverford Trails have done a lot of work toward improving bicycling information and conditions in Haverford Township and beyond. We have partnered with the township to designate an official Bike Route and to add bicycle parking facilities in our local shopping districts and at rail stations. We conducted a data-intensive, technical "Bicycle Level of Service" analysis of our major roads. This resulted in better understanding the relative usefulness of these roads for bicycling, as well as the addition of safety striping improvements by PennDOT within the township. We continue to work with the township and other groups to implement Haverford's part of "The Circuit," the region's major network of multi-use trails. The Friends have been instrumental in getting a "bike-friendly" network of roads and trails in our area shown directly within Google Maps. In addition, we provide and staff free "Valet Bike Parking" at major community public events like the Haverford Music Festival and the Brookline Spring Fest.

"Bike-Friendly" Roads

Bike-Friendly Roads While all roads except the I-476 "Blue Route" in Haverford Township can be used by cyclists, most cyclists are looking for less-traveled roads with lower stress levels. "Bike-friendly" roads and off-road trails in Haverford Township and surrounding communities are now identified right in Google Maps. To see them click here.

Safety Shoulder Striping on Our Roads

Shoulder Stripe The year 2014 saw the addition of about 16 miles of road stripes, marking off shoulder space usable by bicyclists on about 8 miles of major roads in Haverford Township. To read the details as presented in our November 2, 2014 Friends "emailer" click here.

Haverford Township's On-Road Bike Route

Bike Route Sign Haverford created the third officially-designated Bike Route in Delaware County, between Haverford Road and Haverford Reserve. This route replaces parallel College Avenue in Delaware County's bicycle network plan. More info here.

Karakung Drive and Powder Mill Valley Park

Karakung Closing The historic Powder Mill Valley along Karakung Drive is a township linear park that hosts trails on both sides of Cobbs Creek. In addition, Karakung Drive itself is closed to motor vehicle traffic on Sundays from May through October, creating a haven for bicyclists, walkers and runners. For more details click here.

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